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My name is Sergeant James C. McAdams Jr. United States Army Retired. I started investing in real estate in 1974 as a buy and hold investor (landlord). In 1984 I had a fire at one of my properties and I was familiar with making repairs when tenants moved but the fire got me into partial fix and flip and fix and hold (landlord). In 1990 I got my Kentucky real estate license and became a Realtor. In 1997 I was tired of paying over $1,000 annually to be a licensed real estate agent and Realtor and still only getting less than 1.5% from the 6% commission so I stopped being a real estate agent and Realtor. I did become a million dollar producer in 1992 and enjoyed that. I learned I could send a letter to divorcing couples and help them sell their home. I learned that often spouses quit talking to each other and taking each others calls. I would inform them that each one could talk to me and I would relay messages between them so they could sell their home (without the arguing). I would also inform them that the property could close with each of them in a different room at the attorneys office. I would also inform them that the proceeds above what was owed could be paid with half going to him in a check made out to him and half in a check to her. If it's an odd number one cent more will go to one person and I always like to see the woman get the extra penny. 

I retired from being a landlord in 2004. I got tired of fixing what tenants tore up. I got bored and started wholesaling in 2010. At first I would buy the properties cheap and sell them cheap to a fix and flip investor or a landlord. Then I started to option the properties so I could help several couples at the same time. Most Realtors wont mess with properties that need repairs, especially if they are major repairs. They know the properties won't appraise for the loan with repairs. In other words to sell a house retail all repairs need to be completed.

I help people by looking at the home and telling them what needs to be done to sell retail and what they would receive after paying 5% of the buyers closing costs and an additional 6% real estate commission. If the house needs no repairs I option it for $500 less than I think I can get for it and list it for sale on Zillow. If it doesn't sell in 90 days when my option expires you wanted more than I could get (and since 1984 I've been getting the most I can for my sellers). 

I can only get the most people will pay. Investors want a bargain. They aren't afraid of a fixer upper. If you option to me you will only have to get $500 less than the sale price. If you list with a realtor you will probably net out the selling price less 6% commission and also less 5% in buyers closing costs you have to pay to entice the buyer to buy your home.

This is from the heart. I've been married three times and divorced twice and avoided the third one more than once. I kinda know what you're going through although each case is different. I feel I can help. If you call I can tell you some smooth moves to get along better and benefit from Uncle Sam from your divorce if you have children. I can help you ensure your children will receive something when you pass.

I've got a buyers list of 50+ local buyers that are always looking for that next bargain. I've got a buyers list of 1000s of nationwide buyers and 100s of international buyers that want to come here an fix and flip your house. I don't even know how many couples I have that want to come to a different place and experience the new area to explore while they flip your home.

I can explain why you want to sell instead of Quit-claim the deed to one of the spouses if both spouses are co-borrowers on the mortgage.

You have to call or text me at (270) 312-4672 or (270) 304-8525 or Email me at 


P.S. I will be happy to explain what a real estate acquisition is and how you can probably get more if you let your property get acquisitioned.













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