July 19, 2019.

        I am a retired affiliate marketer that used to have over 50 websites. I figured out I was making less than minimum wage at affiliate marketing so I quit. I did figure out I done the best with tirerack.com , endlessshoes.com and advanceautoparts.com  .
        I kept 2 websites for the general good to rant and rave on. My current peeve is with Kroger. I usually buy $1,000.00 a month in pre-paid Visa cards and resturant gift
 cards. I go to Kroger's website and download a coupon to get 4 times the gas points. I get 1.5% cash back on my credit card and 4,000 gas points on the $1,000.00 spent. The coupons only become available for a short time each month. Kroger tricked me this month. The coupons became available on July 14th but in the fine print on the second page it said the coupons were good July 19-21. I bought too early. That's alright, I'm shopping for groceries at Aldi this month.
        By the way, 4,000 gas points saves you $140.00 in gas if you get 35 gallons on each 1,000 gas points by pulling both your cars on each side of the same pump and passing the hose across without turning the pump off. 
        P.S. If you get a Kroger credit card you can get an additional 25 cents a gallon off for a year. In odd number years get a Kroger credit card in the wife's name and in the even number years get the credit card in the husband's name.
        My granddaughter loves it when I fill her Hummer's tank up on me. Sixteen year olds can sure go through some gas!















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